Safety Upgrade for a Manufacturing Firm | Kilsyth

Previously Mobile Electrics was commissioned to provide a safety upgrade for a local manufacturing company situated in the Kilsyth- Bayswater area. The job entailed upgrading four product mixers and required the removal of existing control panels, redundant sensors and cable and then installing fortress locks to mixers, ensuring personnel safety when operating the machinery. One mixer was also classified in a hazardous zone and required extra attention.

In order to ensure complete compliance with the safety standards, our team supplied and installed metal clad enclosures on the mixers, ensuring that they cannot be operated without the fortress lock guarding being closed and locked, eliminating the possibility of any unexpected accidents.

Mobile Electrics and our manufacturing client have maintained a mutually beneficial relationship, which we hope to continue well into the future.

If you are looking to upgrade the safety mechanisms at your business, call Mobile Electrics on 03 9761 8500 and we can suggest the best course of action for you.

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