Electrical Inspections/Testing & Tagging

Mobile Electrics can provide for all your electrical inspections and testing and tagging requirements, including independent licensed electrical inspectors, through to our own in house testing and tagging service.

What is Testing and Tagging?

The Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Act throughout Australia demands that portable electrical equipment including electrical hand tools such as drills, grinders, saws, as well as extension leads, power boards, computer power cables, kitchen portable appliances and all other electrical equipment that is used in the commercial and industrial workplace must be tested and tagged.

test-and-tagThe OH&S Act in Victoria states that if you are an employer, self-employed person, an employee, a customer engaging a tradesperson, or for that matter, any person lending a portable appliance to another person, that you have a ‘duty of care’ under common law and the OH&S Act to ensure that the equipment/appliance is safe.

The overall objective of this standard is to ensure that all electrically operated equipment is safe to use, and that work places and public amenities have minimal hazards.

Mobile Electrics has recognised the importance of correctly performing the testing and tagging of all their customers portable electrical appliances and have dedicated and trained personnel to carry out the procedure to comply with all the requirements.

Having your workplace portable electrical appliances tested and tagged by Mobile Electrics will not only give you peace of mind for your employees safety, but will minimise possible personnel injury and any subsequent litigation that may arise if injury does occur.

The Testing and Tagging Inspection Service Mobile Electrics Provide:

Mobile Electrical Inspection uses the latest in appliance testing and tagging technology with the Supanova 3760 Portable Appliance tester, as well as providing a professional dedicated electrical inspector to perform the testing required, so that your workplace and electrical equipment meets the standards.

SupernovaXEMobile Electrical Inspections will individually test each electrical appliance on the Supanova portable appliance tester, which incorporates a thermo label printer which produces a polypropylene label with a hard wearing resin image that will print the date the test was conducted, the next schedule test date and the appliance test result, (eg) Pass or fail.

We also use an electronic bar code scanner to expedite the testing function, all relevant data is recorded to compile the documentation for your compliance records. Once we have conducted the testing, the results will be forwarded to you as a professional bound document; as well an individual certificate for all passed electrical appliances, and delivered the next working day.

Mobile Electrical Inspections will also arrange to repair any electrical equipment that fails.

Mobile Electrical Inspections will arrange to contact your company prior to the next scheduled test, ensuring your equipment is always at compliance level.

Our rates on appliance testing and tagging are the most competitive in the market place, contact Mobile Electrics for a free quote on your compliance testing today!