Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Correction can be a cost effective way of saving money on your electricity, and Mobile Electrics can help by installing a Power Factor Correction Unit to your company or manufacturing plant.

By installing a Power Factor Correction Unit, the option of negotiating a better rate on your electricity with your power retailer can be accomplished.

powerYour electricity is charged in cents per Kilowatt hour and electricity is charged according to how much Kilowatts your company use.

An accurate power readout of how much power your company uses can not be recognised without a Power Factor Unit installed to give a correct kilowatt usage. By correcting your power, a cheaper rate per kilowatt on your electricity usage can be arranged saving you thousands of dollars per year according to how much power you use.

In some cases mains cable power upgrades, which can be a costly procedure, may not be required due to Power Factor Correction being installed and being monitored through a Power Factor Correction Distribution Unit saving the consumer thousands of dollars.

SupernovaXEHaving poor Power Factor in effect is a form of waste and inefficiency not only raising costs to the consumer but also increasing the cost of supplying power and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. Power Factor Correction can be a cost that in time will save you money!

If you would like to consider Power Factor Correction for your company, Mobile Electrics can organise to give you an indication on how much it will cost to install the Power Factor Unit and the initial pay back you will save over the years by installing Power Factor Correction.


Contact Mobile Electrics today to see how you can save money on your electricity with Power Factor Correction.