Electrical Factory Relocation

Relocation of Taurean Doors

Mobile Electrics has recently partnered with Taurean Doors who is the leading manufacturer in domestic and industrial door systems. Mobile was asked to provide the service of unwiring all of the electrical components of their automotive machines from their New Zealand plant and then reconnecting all of the machines back up again at their Australian plant in Victoria.

The team at Mobile worked quickly and efficiently when unwiring and then rewiring the equipment used by Taurean Doors ensuring they would lose as little time as possible and also be granted the best service available.


Relocated equipment at Taurean Doors

A roller door that Taurean Doors manufacturers

Taurean Doors have built a reputation of supplying the community with doors that are ‘Taurean strong’, as all of their products have been constructed to a high quality and are made to last, this reputation is shown all throughout their operations. Taurean Doors chose Mobile Electrics to do the job because of their position in the electrical industry and because they are trusted professionals in what they do.

It took the Mobile team little time to fully reinstall the production line shown in the photograph above and to get it fully operating again, resulting in Taurean Doors being able to get back to what they do best, which is supplying high quality doors to the community.


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