Machine Safety and Safety Automation

Mobile Electrics is the experts when it comes to safety automation for industrial machinery and experience in the most complex of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’S) as well as machine interface touch screens.

Mobile Electrics understands the importance of Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace, and are up to date with the most current compliance and safety regulations in Australian safety standards.

Mobile Electrics can apply safety upgrades to plant machinery, utilising the latest in safety automation technology from valued product suppliers such as Pilz safety automation.

Mobile Electrics can offer the following safety automation solutions to your industrial machinery including:

  • Control and monitoring technology and electronic monitoring relays
  • Sensor technology including safety switches
  • Control and signalling including emergency stop switches and muting lamps
  • Safe control technology, safety relays, programmable safety systems and safe bus systems.
  • Machine guarding and safety gates with sensor technology and safety switches.
  • Safety advice and plant assessment on your plants industrial machinery.

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As well as machine interface graphic panel touch screens including Allen Bradley, ESA , Omron, NT & NS and Automation Direct EZ Touch screens.

Contact Mobile Electrics to see how we can offer safety automation and offer solutions in PLC technology to your company.

Mobile Electrics has experienced and trained personnel in the latest PLC technology including:

  • Allen Bradley
  • Mitsubishi
  • Keyence
  • Omron
  • Siemens
  • Toshiba
  • Koyo
  • Hitachi
  • LG


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