Commercial & Industrial Solar Panels

Mobile Electrics Pty Ltd now sells and installs commercial and industrial solar panels for clients across all sectors. We have an outstanding reputation and are a company that can be relied on.

Mobile Electrics will install all sizes of solar panels for industrial and commercial use, enabling your business to lower energy costs, protect yourself from rising energy prices, and heavily reduce your impact on the environment.

We have recently completed a job in Croydon South where we sold and installed 1,150 individual solar panels, providing huge amounts of power which will reduce yearly power costs significantly and produce huge amounts of renewable energy, allowing this company to save massive amounts of money in the coming years.

Drone image from Croydon South















There are many benefits of Solar Panels, such as:

  • Solar panels heavily reduce your environmental impact.
  • The panels save you massive amounts of money each year.
  • Solar panels provide a steady, reliable and secure flow of renewable energy, which is crucial as it is believed that Victoria is heading into an energy crisis.
  • Solar panels also allow for energy independence, once you have solar panels on your roof you have an independent source of electricity meaning that you don’t have to rely on someone else to provide power for your company.


So call us today on (03) 9761 8500 for a consultation to get your business ready for the future with renewable energy.