Main Switchboards & Mains Cable Installs

Mobile Electrics understands the importance of having the best switchboard for your company ensuring the switchboard meets the performance standards of your manufacturing requirements.

Mobile Electrics employ electricians whose skills include all facets of the Industrial Electrics sector ranging from programming of PLC’s working on machinery and automation as well as installation and designing of control cabinets and main switchboards.


Mobile Electrics can design a customised main switchboard and distribution boards to accommodate the load of electrical requirements for your company, as well as upgrading existing switchboards to accommodate new machines or mains cable upgrades.

You can be assured that Mobile Electrics will source the right switchboard for your company, using only the best industrial switchgear from our valued product suppliers for our circuit breakers, contactors and busbars and meeting all the safety and performance standards in accordance with the AS/NZS 3439.1 regulations.

Mains cable upgrades are often required to cope with the demands of everyday business expansion and if the current mains cables have reached its capability the switchboard and existing cables can overheat causing safety issues including risk of fire. Mobile Electrics can offer a complete solution ensuring your company has the best electrical load capability’s to handle machine upgrades and any future electrical expansion.

cabinet3 switchboard