Automatic Transfer Switch Installation

The customer had an outdated power transfer system where  a manual change-over switch required an employee or contractor  to be onsite in the event of mains power being lost. This meant that someone had to physically start the back-up power generator and swap over the power supply.

If the above process wasn’t followed, there was a real risk of product spoilage at the facility.

As this was a fault that required human intervention, it was prone to human error. Also, if the fault occurred out of normal operating hours, additional cost was incurred for labour. 

Mobile Electrics proposed an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) to monitor mains power and automatically start the generator if mains power was lost. This allowed a seamless automatic changeover of power without any need for human intervention. 

Mobile Electrics stripped-out the old transfer switches. We then installed 2 Automatic Circuit Breaker (ACB) switches which required new busbars on the main board in addition to installation of the ATS unit.

The works were completed over a single weekend. This meant that there was no interruption to production and logistics at the warehouse. The nature of the work required the whole site to be isolated.

To ensure that there was no risk to the stock from spoilage, damage or theft Mobile Electrics supplied a temporary generator during the shutdown.

This risk mitigation plan ensured:

  • Chillers and air handling units kept the product at normal storage temperature.
  • Fire monitoring and essential services remained active
  • Security of the Gatehouse and perimeter security fences was uncompromised.

The ATS monitoring system now automatically starts the stand- by generator when the mains supply is lost. It then swaps between supplies once generator is up to  the required speed.

When mains power is reinstated the ATS system changes back to the mains supply automatically without loss of power to the site. It then automatically shuts down the generator.

This innovative installation by Mobile Electrics has eliminated human error.

Also, when the client is not running a 24 hour shift or working weekends, there are no issues about getting personnel on site to do the old manual change over.

This reduces the potential for an expensive product spoilage incident thanks to the new automated ATS system.



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