Machine Safety Upgrade for a Manufacturing Firm | Ringwood

Mobile Electrics were recently commissioned to provide a machine safety upgrade quote for a metal manufacturing firm, located in the Ringwood-Vermont area. The firm had recently been made aware that one of their machines needed a safety upgrade as it was classified in a category three zone. Meaning that although it was not likely it would cause death, serious injury and potential loss of limbs could occur when operating the machinery incorrectly.

Mobile Electrics identified three alternatives, ranging in price and level of safety, for the manufacturing company to determine the best alternative to suit their needs.

Firstly, we suggested installing light curtains, which are opto-electronics devices used in the vicinity of moving machinery that can trigger either an alarm or to switch off the machinery completely. Our second alternative was to position pressure mats on the floor, again to identify unwarranted entry into the hazardous area. Our last alternative was to install safety beams which are the most expensive and safety option, as they have greater accuracy than the previous two.

Mobile Electrics and our customer have enjoyed a long-lasting relationship, which we hope will continue into the future through mutually profitable work.

We pride ourselves on offering the most cost-effective and functional solution to any machine safety issue, so give us a call on 03 9761 8500 to discuss your next machine safety upgrade.

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