The risks of not backing up your PLC data… | Melbourne

Programmable Logic Control (PLC) technology has been in use for many decades now, and over this time the size and complexity of the software in a PLC’s memory has increased at an incredible rate. The computing power of these devices has evolved as well.

Modern PLC’s are quite robust compared to their antiquated predecessors. However, equipment failures are a constant threat to vital operations and production deadlines, and invariably will occur at the most inappropriate time. In most cases a faulty device can be replaced, either like-for-like, or an upgraded version, but what is not available off the shelf at any PLC part supplier will be in the program embedded inside your PLC’s memory. If you don’t have that backed up, and your PLC dies, it could be days or even weeks to get the equipment running again. Imagine the production headaches if a vital machine is down for 1 day, then consider what the ramifications are if that extends to a week or two, disaster!

Relax, a solution is at hand.

The engineers at Mobile Electrics can assist with backing up of these critical programs. We generally have the editing software and communication cables for most brands of Programmable Logic Controllers on the shelf, and will advise on the best course of action to ensure a simple failed component doesn’t end up being a lost client.

For a no-obligation discussion about the health of your PLC’s and their programs, call Mobile Electrics on 9761 8500 or contact us via email through

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