LED high bay lights save you money and reduce your carbon footprint | Melbourne

Have you ever considered how much power and money it costs to run those HID high bay lights in your factory or warehouse? It can be as much as $690.00 per fitting per year. Multiply that by the number of lights in your facility and it can be a huge drain on profits.

There has been great improvements with LED technology recently, to the point where it is now a cost-effective exercise to replace these money wasters with High Efficiency, long lasting LED Highbays.

An example, a typical 400W HID fitting, which would actually consume approximately 440W can be replaced with a 165W LED fitting, which would reduce the running cost per fitting by as much as $430.00 per year. For a typical installation of say 50 lights, that can add up to a staggering $21,000 saving per year, every day. 

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