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New Service and Installation Rules Effecting Mains Upgrades | Melbourne

The Service and Installation Rules (SIRs) have been amended and as of the 1st of January 2014 were in place. These rules form part of the Victorian Electricity Distributors “reasonable technical requirements” as referred to in the Electricity Distribution code, applied under the Electricity Industry Act 2000 (Vic). These amendments effect all all mains upgrade […]

Australian Switchboard Manufacturers | Australia

Mobile Electrics’ is pleased to announce the acquisition of SAR Controls, a well respected Australian Switchboard manufacturer. SAR Controls specialise in: Electrical Switchboards Power Distribution Switchboards Onsite Switchboard Modifications Mains Switchboards Control Switchboards Distribution Pillars Power Factor Correction Systems Motor Control Systems Metering Systems SAR Controls have supplied switchboards for projects all over Australia, including, […]