Mains Upgrades | Melbourne

Over the years, Mobile Electrics have been involved with “Mains Upgrades” for many of their valued clients.

But increasing the size of the incoming mains cables is really only the end of the process. There are many factors to take into account before the work can be undertaken. The availability of sufficient power from the supply authority, the distance between the supplier point and the termination point which will affect the optimum cable size, the method of supply, usually underground, thus other underground services may be affected. Of course all this has to be properly engineered and approved by the authorities before the work begins, and inspected on the completion.

The end result should be a balance between cost and performance. It’s always advisable to build in some redundancy. You don’t want to be looking at another upgrade due to unplanned increased loads, just to save a few dollars initially, but you don’t want to spend unnecessary capital on something that is far in excess of current and future requirements.

Mobile Electrics have the experience and expertise to provide a seamless transitions for your new mains supply. All our work is carried out to relevant Australian Standards, and local authority rules and by-laws, so there’s no “Whoops, we didn’t think of that!” scenario at the critical moment. Leave it to the experts, call Mobile Electrics on 03 9761 8500 or fill in the contact form to the right of the screen.

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