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Mobile Labour Hire Melbourne

Mobile Electrics, 03 9761 8500. Got maintenance support issues, maybe you struggle to replace your sparky’s when they go on holidays, are sick, or maybe you are considering this area of the business. We can help! With the resources of qualified and highly skilled electricians, technicians and engineers, peace of mind is just a phone […]

Electricians Melbourne

Mobile Electrics, 03 9761 8500. Are you looking for skilled industrial electricians to tend to your plant and machinery requirements? Here at Mobile Electrics we can cater to all your Industrial Electrical needs, from labour-hire to 24/7 maintenance support and everything in between, we are here to help you. Call Mobile Electrics electricians on 03 […]

Something you may not know about Mobile Electrics’ Labour Hire | Melbourne

You may not be aware that Mobile Electrics have provided labour hire to a range of organizations for many years. We offer short and long term assignments, and typically range from 1 day per week to full time shift coverage, whatever your operations require of our industrial electrical contractors. Where we differ from the typical¬† […]