Mains Supply and Main Switchboard Upgrade | Melbourne

Quite often these days, companies with operations spread over several suburbs, possibly states, realise its cost effective to consolidate the business and get everything under one roof again.

If you are considering this activity, it would be a wise move to get advise on the availability of power to the new, or re-organised-site before committing costs to the exercise.

Imagine the dilemma if you signed a lease or purchased a new property, only to discover there is not enough power to run even half your machines. It’s a situation we are asked about quire often, and sometimes the solution is not viable, or not even possible- without spending a fortune.

Our recommendation- get the supply availability to the site checked BEFORE signing a contract or lease. A simple survey by our engineers may save you thousands of dollars.

Our team of Engineers, Switchboard Manufacturers and A Grade Electricians have a wealth of experience with mains and power upgrades and new switchboard installations.

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