LED High Bay Lights | Melbourne

Have you every considered how much money you could saving by installing LED High Bay Lights at your factory or warehouse facility? The traditional HID High Bays can cost as much as $690.00 per fitting, per year. Therefore if you have 50 HID High Bays, this would already total $34,500 in initial cost and then maintenance per year.

LED High Bay Lights however, have one commencing purchase cost and a $0 maintenance fee. LED’s have less wattage, are brighter than the HID High Bays and even save on your carbon emissions produced yearly. Typically a HID High Bay light will consumer 440W, whereas a LED fitting would only need to run 165W and still give off more light. This in turn, reduces the running cost per fitting up to $430.00 per year. Instead of paying $34,500, you are now only paying $13,500 per year for your 50 high bay lights.

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