Energy Isolation as a fundamental aspect of Machine Safety | Melbourne

Workers are put at risk every time someone fails to shut down, de-energise or isolate energy sources on a plant during maintenance and non-production tasks. WorkSafe Victoria have reported 45 avoidable workplace deaths between 2000 and 2010 caused by exposure to moving machine parts, in addition many cases of serious injury were reported. All of which could of been avoided by putting in place the necessary isolation devices and safe systems of work.

There are five steps involved in ensuring all energy sources are isolated:

  1. Determine when the isolation is required
  2. Determine whether the machine has all of the necessary isolated devices available to make the machinery safe*
  3. Develop procedures in consultation with the people that work on the machines for all of the activities where energy isolation is necessary
  4. Train workers to follow the procedure and effectively isolate the energy sources on the machinery
  5. Review and monitor the system

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*Emergency stops are not isolation points and must not be used for isolating the plant
Article reference courtesy of Pilz Safe Automation

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